The Pixies of Clover Valley


  • Ella Frostfoam
  • Lily Flatterleaf
  • Sally Rainydust
  • Penny Moonvalley





The Pixies of Clover Valley are a fairy OC group created by Sarah West


The Pixies of Clover Valley are four fairies who are very helpful to others.


Ella Frostfoam

Ella is the leader of the group. She loves to be free and never takes directions from anyone else. She is an open book and never keeps her secrets hidden. She's a natural born leader and can sometimes be a bit bossy. She is interesting to be around and, while she may be small, she has a huge ego.

Lily Flatterleaf

Lily is an average fairy who is very inquisitive and mysterious. She does what she can to learn something special about herself.

Sally Rainydust

Sally's calm personality makes her seem peaceful and beautiful. She is a follower and will be a right-hand fairy if needed. She believes that beauty only comes from the inside, and she never judges anyone and is truly honest. She is fun to be around and has a big heart.

Penny Moonvalley

Penny has a very crazy, mixed-up personality. Sometimes, she can be bossy, and other times, she can be shy. Even though she's crazy, she's a very smart fairy.


  • This OC group was created in one of Sarah's YouTube videos.