• Parsee Mizuhashi is a Tsundere hashihime yokai who maniplautes jealously. Gets really along with Alice Margatroid and Noire. Depises Seitekina Taiyo heavily, leading to conflicts with Satori Komeiji.
  • Luna Child, being smarter than Sunny Milk, but far less smarter than Star Sapphire, is a fairy yokai who is able to control the propagation of sounds. She attempts to help Kotori Minami in designing clothing, but is often unable to.
  • Aya Shameimaru is a black crow tengu who takes pictures for her newspaper. She sometimes accidentally take pictures of a residential citzen's panties, resulting in people to think she's a pervert. She protects Seitekina Taiyo, Azusa Nakano and basically any one named "Aya" that isn't Aya Shameimaru herself.
  • Suika Ibuki is an oni who often drinks sake to get stronger. As a result, she's almost always drunk. Loves partying. Will use her manipulation of density and sparseness ablility to protect Honoka Kousaka.
  • Satori Komeiji, a Satori yokai. She has ablility to read minds. Blushes a lot when reading the minds of perverts. Can use her mind reading ablility to predict attacks. Protects Seitekina Taiyo, Uni, Xander and Koyuki Himekawa.

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