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Treatment Part II: Fall of Two Idols is a fanfiction by Igor the Mii. It is a Sequel to Treatment.

Plot Summary


What!? I've never heard this kind of story before!

This article or section contains major spoilers to the canon story or fanfiction. Please read at your own risk if you know the vital information on the plot or elements in the story.

Eirin Yagokoro is back, to kill two certain idols.



  • Eirin Yagokoro


  • Eli Ayase
  • Maki Nishikino



Work in Progress!

This fanfiction is under progress. You are allowed to feel free to add more dialogue lines as the Story/Fanfiction progresses.

Eirin Yagokoro, known for being a medic of Community City's Community Hospital, waits for her next vicitims.


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