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Tsumugi Sonoda
囿田 都麦
Tsumugi Sonoda


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Tsumugi Sonoda (囿田 都麦 Sonoda Tsumugi?) is an OC by GensokyoAngel and shared with Megy Teckhonia.


A Sweet, Friendly Teacher who happens to be a closet pervert. She also loves sweets, mainly Black Chocolate. She is very friendly to students, but that doesn't mean she can't be strict to them. When alone with a pervy student that is aleast 16 years old or older,  she asks to the student if they can have some "private" time (read: sex), she secretly thinks everyone in the school should give out their lewd desires at some point. She also gives out students sweets sometimes.


Seitekina Taiyo
One of her favorite students.









  • She was created after everyone on chat back on Yandere Simulator Fanon Wiki was talking about Perverted Teachers, resulting on Igor making his own female lewd teacher.
  • A Few parts of her personality, namely her love of sweets, is based on Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-ON's personality.
    • The "Giving sweets to others" part of her personality was based on a IRL teacher the creator had.
  • She is considered as a "cure" to anti-perverts, such as Atsuko Taiyo in PM Roleplays.
  • There's a headcanon that she likes to eat at McDonald's, due to the images present when looking up her name in Japanese kanji via Google Images.

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