Umi Sonoda
園田 海未(うみ)
Umi render
Umi Sonoda


Iason Inabi, Yuki Mizushima (sometimes)



Chihaya Kisaragi, Yuki Mizushima (sometimes)

Umi Sonoda (園田 海未 Sonoda Umi?) is a Love Live Character.


Umi is normally a shy girl, but she has a strong will and has some qualities of a leader. Despite this, she is content to stay reserved and always thinks logically. Umi is uncomfortable with wearing short skirts, but gets used to it after their first live. Apparently, if awakened while sleeping, Umi takes on a completely different and angry personality.


Community Plaza: The Series


Chihaya Kisaragi
  • Hates her.
Yuki Mizushima
  • They have a love-hate relationship, despite this, she loves him more than Iason Inabi.

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