Hi, everybody, Jashin Empress here, and very recently, I've spiralled out of so much control, that I kid you not, I've accidently creeped someone out. All because of my recent Senpai fetish. Here's proof:

It's in the comments. Hehe!!

Here's where it started.

What happened?

  • I've reached an age when fangirling is a habit
  • I'm a little too crazy, y'know:

Me When I Lose My Sanity

I've lost control of myself but not IRL

Something you NEED to look out for

When you mention a single ounce of my recent fetish, I may get a little crazy. So if you're an administrator, then please don't get too freaked out. Just help me control it, I guess I'm catching a bit of Igor's lewdness and desires. Whatever you do, try calming me down with top 10 lists or just don't mention anything about it at all. Hope you understand.

                                                                                                                                   -Jashin Empress