It's time to say this.

Though the past 6 or so months, a fad who i call "Nico Torture", which is basically anything bad happening to Nico Yazawa, occured due to the old TMONY, due to the way Pingy portrayed Nico. Nico Yazawa did tons of bad stuff, hence bad stuff occuring to her too, this is called Karma.

2 or so months later, Yuki Mizushima was also involved into the torture gag. I dubbed it as "Yuki Torture" at the spot. Basically every time Yuki did something perverted, his stuff was sold to BOOK-OFF. It eventually expanded to Yuki basically existing in general. That is, until Alex began to rant about all of these problems. In other words, he acted like the "boss" of us, trying to reduce the fads. While they have reduced, it still occurs.

One time at the Nihon Fanon Discord, it was bad enough to me to delete the roleplay channels on that discord and make a seperate roleplay channel. Not because of KingFawful2017, Megy Teckhonia and Alex fighting, but also because some others engaged into the fight as well.

So, i have advice to both sides:

Anti Torture Gag side, please stop constantly whining about the torture gag.

Torture gag side, please stop using the gags for seemingly no reason other than "the character that suffers simply exists, that's why".