-- Updated as of 12/11/2016 --

  1. Profanity is allowed in our Discord server, but please don't overuse curse words in a short period of time. Don't use it aganist other people either.
  2. Respect other users. They have feelings just like you do! So no harassing, insulting, or bullying other users. (No you can't rant about other users either, it is possible they'd find out and they'd be upset.)
    • Exposing anyone with the intention of harming their reputation will lead to a ban.
    • There is no justification in insulting, harassing or bullying another user.
  3. Overly NSFW content is not permitted outside of the nsfw channels. Seriously. If you need to post something NSFW to someone, post it on their PMs or on #nsfw. (What's fine outside of the nsfw channels are mildly NSFW content, like soft ecchi, content for example.)
  4. Do not spam.
  5. Do not spam the bots outside of #bots.
  6. Roleplay is not permitted on this discord. We have a seperate discord for this. This is to due a past argument that was bad enough to create the seperate discord.
  7. Please refrain from shitposting outside of #meme.
    • NSFW memes go to #meme-nsfw.
  8. Don't fight over people over their Political Preference. For convenience, it is recomended that you discuss political topics at our #politics channel.
  9. Automobile topics (such as cars) should go to #automobiles.
  10. Do not disrespect other people's opinions.
    • However, if you have a Homophobic, Transphobic, Racist and/or Sexist opinion, you will be banned.
  11. If you come here only to troll other users, you will be banned.
  12. Do not post non-important stuff on #announcements.
  13. Homophobia, Transphobia, Racism and Sexism will not be tolerated.
  14. Do not joke about real life disasters (like 9/11 for example) at all!
  15. Do not bug others to do something if they say no. Seriously, that's annoying.
  16. Do NOT joke about Mental disorders and illiness (like cancer, autism, retard, etc) at all. These jokes aren't funny and never will be.
  17. Complaining about fictional characters being hurt isn't allowed. They are fictional for god's sake.

Enjoy your stay at Nihon Fanon's Discord server!