I'm bored so


  • Iason Inabi x Azura (Fire Emblem) (Because both are related to water)
  • Hibari x Chinatsu Yoshikawa (both have slimar color patterns)
  • Koyuki Himekawa x Satori Komeiji (Slimar designs, aleast head-wise imo)
  • Seitekina Taiyo x Kagero (Fire Emblem Fates) 
  • Haruta Kamijou x Eli Ayase (Blonde hair and blue eyes, despite the fact Haruta is homosexual)
  • Haruta Kamijou x Len Kagamine (same reason as above)
  • Koakuma x Suguha Yuuki (Suguha was based on Koakuma, design-wise...)

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